The wonderful world of fiber art…

I was first introduced to the craft of felting from a lovely woman I worked for as a nanny. I purchased a couple needles and made several small pumpkins, then a bird or two and started to get the hang of it.

For my first project, I needle felted a nativity scene as a thank you gift for some close family friends and the rest, as they say, is history. I have been selling my wares internationally through Etsy and at some local craft fairs here in Portland for just over two years.

As I have gotten better at not stabbing my fingers with needles, felting has become one of my favorite past times. I really like the challenge of making a new figure and giving it personality. Recently, I was able to put together a custom Sloth baby mobile! This little endeavor has been an avenue for constant creativity. I love it!

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2 responses to The wonderful world of fiber art…

  1. i love your creations! I’ve just started to needle felt and have been greatly inspired by your work! The sloth mobile is so beautiful!!!!!!

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