Little Forest Friends…

Here is my most recent custom baby mobile…welcome owl!

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2 responses to Little Forest Friends…

  1. Amy

    your work is wonderful! I am currently looking for a baby mobile for my baby… I was wondering the measurements and if this would be attached to the ceiling.
    thank you! Amy

  2. sheepcrk – Author

    Hi Amy,

    I include a generous amount of string with each mobile as well as small metal ring so that you can hang them from a hook on the ceiling. Some people have chosen to trim the extra string and hang the mobiles from a crib mobile arm.

    The wood pieces that hold the mobile are approx. 10″ across. For a very rough estimate on animal sizes, the deer is about 3.5″ long, the owl about 2″ tall, the bear 3.5″ long, the fox 3-3.5″ long with its tail. The animals hang down 7-8″. That being said the sizing is pretty flexible.

    I hope this answers your questions!

    Thanks for asking! Here is a link to my Etsy shop listing for this mobile:

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