Full-time Felting

One of the more significant developments from the last couple months is that I phased out of my long-term nanny job after 8 years with the same family (and three great kids) and am now operating Sheep Creek Needlecraft full-time!

If you’ve been thinking of a custom mobile to complete your nursery, a customized animal figure to be front-and-center on your desk at work, or an area rug to keep your feet cozy on those fall and winter weekend reading sessions, send me an Etsy Conversation. I’d love to spend some time discussing your thoughts and ideas!


3 responses to Full-time Felting

  1. Howlett444@gmail.com

    Andrea, I received my nativity figures this week, and wanted to thank you. They are lovely, and your work is really special. I had ordered it for my daughter, but am keeping it for myself. I just got home from visiting her in Minnesota. She has two cats, that have carried off most of her tree ornaments. I could not, in clear conscience, give it to her! So now I get to enjoy it :). Thank you again, and have a wonderful Christmas. Kristine

    • sheepcrk – Author

      Thank you!

      I’m loving it! I have really enjoyed devoting my time to felting and taking more time on each piece and developing my skills. The whole business side of things is a little daunting at times but Etsy has some great information and that coupled with a few other handy tools on the web make it a lot less scary. Taking a peak at your blog and Etsy shop, it looks like you have some really beautiful items. I wish you the best of luck as you consider shifting over yourself!

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