Revisiting Beatrix Potter

A felt tribute to Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Mr. Todd and Jeremy Fisher…ImageBeatrixPotterBunnyM03 BeatrixPotterBunnyM05 BeatrixPotterBunnyM06 BeatrixPotterBunnyM07 BeatrixPotterBunnyM08 BeatrixPotterBunnyM09 BeatrixPotterBunnyM11 BeatrixPotterBunnyM12

6 responses to Revisiting Beatrix Potter

  1. Alison

    I absolutely love your work, especially the Beatrix potter mobile. Is any of your work for sale and if so where can I purchase it?

  2. Sharon DeBlasio

    Do you still make your Beatrix Potter mobile? It’s beautiful!! I didn’t see it in your etsy shop. How could I possibly get one? Sdb

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