Rug Felting!

Here is my latest project…a bit off the beaten path from my normal endeavors and slightly more of a workout…

Here is a photo journal of a wool rug I made using the traditional techniques of wet felting.

Crafty Sci-Fi?

This last week brought with it some fun surprises…

Sheep Creek Needlecraft and Pulled in Oregon have been accepted into the bi-annual craft extravaganza Crafty Wonderland here in town at the Portland Convention Center!



Crafty Wonderland




















Our crafty hands will be very busy over the next months to get ready!


In other news this week…

I have also have had the pleasure of being tasked with a rather unprecedented needle-felted baby mobile adventure:

Tie-FighterMillenium Falcon

















May the force be with me…

X-Wing Fighter

What is Wet Felting?

Wet Felting:

Continually rubbing wool fibers together with mild soap and warm water to form a firm felted object.


Tools for wet felting wool balls and other objects…

Any mild dish soap will do, I like Mrs. Meyers soap.

Hot water


A medium-large bowl, a towel (to catch the drips and dry your hands in between colors) and wool

With these simple tools and a good supply of wool you are ready to start wet felting! Here is a simple YouTube tutorial on Felted wool balls.

What is Needle Felting?

Needle Felting:

Piercing tufts of raw wool hundreds of times using a very sharp needle with tiny barbs to sculpt various shapes and figures.


Needle Felting Instructions

good advice...


Tools of the craft…

Felting Needles

Felting Needles of Various Sizes and a Block of Foam


These needles can be used inside a felting tool that offers a better hand hold or by themselves.

As the needles are long and sharp, a foam block protects you from getting poked under the wool you are felting.


Clover Tool and Wool

Felting Tool

Plant-Dyed Wool


With these tools and a good supply of wool, you are set to felt to your heart’s content! I would recommend some great tutorials on YouTube as well as picking up excellent Felting Books like Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Fuzzy Felted Friends at your local library.

Needle Felting




woolgathering |ˈwoŏlˌgað(ə)ri ng |noun

indulgence in aimless thought or dreamy imagining; absentmindedness: she wanted to be free to indulge her woolgathering.

Think of the possibilities!

When I walk into a wool shop, its really hard to resist the temptation to buy wool just because the color is so vibrant. This is evidenced by my growing collection of bags and bins of reds, greens, blues, browns…a bit of a conundrum for our 1 bedroom, 1 closet apartment (shared with a crafty and handy husband with tools and projects of his own). Really though, its nothing a little Ikea storage solutions can’t remedy!

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