Down Sheep Creek Road

Down a little gravel road along Sheep Creek, you’ll find the valley of farmland where I grew up. It was my great grandfather and grandfather who headed west from dusty South Dakota in the 30’s to set up our farm in North Idaho.

Having grown up with this legacy, I can’t seem to shake a certain desire to use my hands to interact with and cultivate nature in some way. I have found felting with wool to be a great outlet in the city to reconnect with some of my farm roots.

I have to admit that I do daydream a bit about having a spot of land some day to keep a sheep or two…


woolgathering |ˈwoŏlˌgað(ə)ri ng |noun

indulgence in aimless thought or dreamy imagining; absentmindedness: she wanted to be free to indulge her woolgathering.

Think of the possibilities!

When I walk into a wool shop, its really hard to resist the temptation to buy wool just because the color is so vibrant. This is evidenced by my growing collection of bags and bins of reds, greens, blues, browns…a bit of a conundrum for our 1 bedroom, 1 closet apartment (shared with a crafty and handy husband with tools and projects of his own). Really though, its nothing a little Ikea storage solutions can’t remedy!

Away to the countryside…

I remember taking walks with my sister to find bachelor buttons that grew along the edges of our fields in the summer. Or walking down the little line of grass by our cow pasture that always sprouted the first buttercups of Spring.

I grew up with nature right at my doorstep. I can’t help but be inspired by it! Living in Portland is great, but getting out into the countryside is like a breath of fresh air; a healthy dose of vitamins for my farm girl soul. There is something about my family’s farm that is so revitalizing. Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter; any time of the year.

Wool felting is rooted in nature; animals, plants, hands… So am I. I know that is a large part of the reason I am so drawn to the art.

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