“Irish Hunt” Mobile

This custom dog mobile was made to coordinate with an “Irish Hunt” themed nursery which included a minty Anthropologie-inspired custom wallpaper featuring hand drawn renditions of the family dogs. You can view this beautifully appointed room here.LabMobile1 LabMobile2 LabMobile3 LabMobile4P1070304

Catching up on things…

Its amazing how fast time really does fly and even more so with a little one in tow. I had the pleasure of working on some really fun custom pieces before going on maternity leave and wanted to share some of my favorites over the next few days before getting immersed in new projects.

This first piece is a mobile I made for a woman who shared some whimsical prints that she had saved from her childhood by an artist named Wolo. She wanted to incorporate these in her child’s nursery with a coordinating mobile. I loved doing the “accessories” for these animals, such a fun and unique piece of artwork to work from.


WoloMobile2 WoloMobile4 WoloMobile5 WoloMobile6WoloMobile1
WoloMobile7 WoloMobile8

Beautiful Change

On July 9th, we welcomed our little Margot Amelia into the world!

It has been a big last two months full of new experiences, adjustments, a sleepiness i’ve never known and an uncanny joy and love for this baby girl. 








As a new family rhythm begins to emerge, I am excited to be returning to the felting world with a fresh appreciation and camaraderie for the mothers and fathers I will be working with to craft mobiles! I will be sure to post an update when my Etsy shop is up and running again. 


–Photos by our friend; the amazing Heather Gemmer of Gemmer Photography


A New Chapter…

I am pleased to share that my husband and I are happily anticipating a new addition to our family this coming July! I will be keeping busy with mobiles and other pieces for the next two months but then will be taking a break for a bit to get to know our little girl and the changes she will bring to our day to day. I will stop taking orders at the end of May so that I can fulfill everything before her arrival. I hope to return to my work in September when we’ve developed a bit of a rhythm.   

In the mean time I will also have some fun planning my own nursery…now to choose a mobile design…



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