Sheep Creek strives to use materials and practices that are sustainable and natural. All items are made by hand with renewable resources, namely wool and wood.


Sheep Creek is inspired and motivated by the relationships that develop through conversations, messages and photos that describe each customer’s vision and hope for their piece. For this reason, custom orders are an integral part of Sheep Creek Studio.

YOUnique Art

Sheep Creek aspires to create pieces that hold special significance for the individual whether it be a memorial to a beloved pet who has passed away, a nativity set that begins a yearly family tradition, or a baby mobile that perfectly ties a unique nursery design together. We all have stories to tell, Sheep Creek uses wool to help share them!


2 responses to About

  1. Annie Palermo


    My mom and I saw the Eric Carle mobile on your page and were wondering how much it is and if you ship to NY. Thank you!

    Annie Palermo

    • Sheep Creek Studio – Author

      Hello Annie, Thank you so much for stopping by my site! I would be happy to make an Eric Carle mobile for you and can definitely ship to New York. If you could shoot me an email (sheepcreekstudio@gmail.com), I would be able to give you my current pricing and chat more with you! You can also send me a note via Etsy messages. Here is a link to my online shop: http://www.sheepcreekstudio.etsy.com

      Thanks again!


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