Sheep Creek Heirloom

In the world today there can be a lot of pressure to speed things up, add more, do more… Go, go, go!

Since I started Sheep Creek Studio, I have periodically felt the need to fit my artistic work into more of a commodity “box” in the pursuit of getting more done. But there’s no getting around it, needle felting is just plain SLOW… Instead of fighting against a slower pace, I have arrived at a place where I can totally embrace it.

After some structural changes to Sheep Creek Studio, I am excited to introduce a new dedicated “space” for my needle felting work, Sheep Creek Heirloom!

As my husband and I work together to expand Sheep Creek Studio and divvy up business responsibilities, it is our hope that this new arrangement will carve out space for me to focus more of my attention on new product ideas, fabric designs, as well as setting my own pace to give each hand felted piece the time it deserves.

To start a conversation regarding a commissioned piece, contact me with our Sheep Creek Heirloom Inquiry Form… I’m looking forward to your messages!


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